Leaping Like Calves From the Stall

I suppose most Christians have heard or read the verse about how we will go out leaping like calves released from an enclosure.

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.
Malachi 4:2 ESV

But if you haven’t spent time around cattle, you probably have no idea of the complete exuberance this verse implies. I will attempt to describe it. Once upon a time my children were young, and for years I helped in preschool Sunday School classes. Broadly speaking, two and three year old human children have four states.

  • Sleeping. Don’t they look darling? 🙂
  • Crisis. They fell down or pinched their fingers or something. For them in this state, there is no problem in the universe more important than what has just happened. Mom, dad, or whoever needs to interrupt what they’re doing and provide comfort.
  • Concentration. I have tried to avoid letting my brain harden as so many adults have. As a lesson in how to think I have often watched youngsters discovering their world.
  • Overwhelming zest for life. At times, they are just bursting with happiness at being alive. They may run here and there, arms waving, and laughing. They may slip their feet into an adult’s shoes and run around quacking or meowing. In a classroom, whole groups may suddenly get happy all at the same time and run around in clusters. They are glad to be alive and are determined to show it by moving around and laughing.

Now imagine this same exhilaration, this same high-spirited behavior, in an animal weighing perhaps 40 to 100 pounds, and capable of running perhaps 30 mph.

You can be trying to drive a herd of cows and calves, and all of a sudden, one of the calves will just start running. Others may join in and they go tearing off in the distance, running and jumping. I have seen a group running flat out straight away from me suddenly decide to change and the group, one by one, peel off at 90 degrees, then 90 degrees again, come running straight back in my direction. Their movements make no sense. They’re not supposed to. They’re just having fun.

It can be a lot of fun to watch. Unless you’re trying to get the herd to a specific place by a specific time. Then their exuberant hijinks can be quite frustrating, as illustrated in the photo above. This calf was nearly in the corral when he decided, “Nope! I have some important running around to do!” And off he went.

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.
Malachi 4:2 ESV

Take the happiest, bounciest, bubbliest three year-old you have ever seen. Add the strength, grace and agility of Olympic-class high-hurdlers. Then add the complete abandon of someone who has never even had the thought of caring what others are thinking while he or she is dancing. This is the beginning of the excitement of calves released from a stall. God wants us to be happy, and enjoy being happy!

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   You should.
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      Suckage Maximus.

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   Time is running out.

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