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November 2020

30 Be Ready to Reach Out to Someone For many, the holidays are sad and lonely
Quoted Photos — Psalms 1 – 19 Bible quotes on photos
29 Tapestry Report – Thoughts Are A Choice Choose to think Godly thoughts
Quoted Photos — 1 & 2 Corinthians Bible quotes on photos
28 Tapestry Report – Saved By Grace Through Dead Faith? “Contend earnestly for the faith.” Jude 1:3 NASB
Quoted Photos – John’s Epistles Bible quotes on photos
27 Quoted Photos — Psalms 91 – 103 Bible quotes on photos
Tapestry Report – Do Not Be Deceived! Know and obey God’s Word to avoid being deceived
26 Psalm 136 – Thanksgiving to God for His Enduring Mercy A great Psalm of Thanksgiving to God
Quoted Photos – Galatians Bible quotes on photos
25 Tapestry Report – The Walk How we walk out our faith matters!
Quoted Photos – Philippians Bible quotes on photos
24 Pray to Escape! This age is coming to a close. Pray to escape the time of trial!
Quoted Photos – 1 and 2 Peter Bible quotes on photos
23 Quoted Photos – Proverbs 16-31 Bible quotes on photos
Uh-Oh, I Opened iMovie and Look What Happened A report of making a short movie from my Psalm 23 quoted photos
22 Quoted Photos – Ephesians Bible quotes on photos
Two Creation Videos Worth Watching A fantastic testimony, and a great introduction to creationism
The Flip Side of “No Greater Joy” — Sorrow! On praying for the lost
21 How Close Did Jesus Come To Sin? Jesus was indeed tempted as we are, but He did not sin
Quoted Photos – Romans Bible quotes on photos
20 We Are Archippus – Fulfill Our Ministries Let us finish the work God has for us to do!
Quoted Photos – Proverbs 1-15 Bible quotes on photos
19 The Secret Place is a Place of Peace Having God’s peace is a choice
Quoted Photos – Hebrews Bible quotes on photos
18 Quoted Photos – Matthew 11-28 Bible quotes on photos
Depending on God for Food Do you have Scripture stored up against need?
17 If I Didn’t Have a Bible Study Habit, I Probably Would Not Habitually Read My Bible Develop good habits!
Quoted Photos – Matthew 1-10 Bible quotes on photos
16 Sometimes Paul’s Writing Frustrates Me I need the Holy Spirit’s help to understand Paul!
Quoted Photos – Luke Bible quotes on photos
15 Quoted Photos – Animals Bible quotes on photos
Quoted Photos — Psalms 104 – 118 Bible quotes on photos
14 My Righteousness is a Gift From God I am saved by the gift of Jesus’ righteousness to me
Quoted Photos – Ephesians Bible quotes on photos
13 (If) Rapture(d) Before November 15, 2020 Jesus might be coming back in hours!
Quoted Photos – Hebrews Bible quotes on photos
Future Battles Under Jesus Evil is soon going away, forever!
12 “Tapestry” Bible Study Method Reap the benefits of knowing Scripture “like the back of your hand.”
Quoted Photos — Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah & Malachi Bible quotes on photos
11 Eternity Will Seem Longer For The Wicked Time in torment will pass very, very slowly
Quoted Photos – Revelation Bible quotes on photos
10 Not Excited? Better Check Your Oil! Look up! Our redemption draws near!
Quoted Photos — Psalms 24 – 30 Bible quotes on photos
9 Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Timothy, & Titus Bible quotes on photos
Quoted Photos – Cemeteries Bible quotes on photos
8 Quoted Photos — Psalms 40 – 55 Bible quotes on photos
Do Not Be Distracted – US Elections and Bible Prophecy Make sure you understand events from God’s perspective
7 Overcoming Bad Habits One Decision at a Time If I control my thoughts, I control my actions.
Quoted Photos – 1 and 2 Peter Bible quotes on photos
6 I Would Rather Be Broken Than Ground Into Powder Brokenness can be healed
Quoted Photos — Psalms 31-37 Bible quotes on photos
5 Posting In Love On Social Media Words matter!
Quoted Photos – Psalm 23 Bible quotes on photos
4 “Print This” Tagged Posts Posts you may want to print
Quoted Photos – Galatians Bible quotes on photos
3 Bachelor Cooking, Contentment, and Humility On learning to be content and resisting the folly of grumbling
Quoted Photos – Jeremiah, Lamentations & Ezekiel Bible quotes on photos
2 Hebrews 13:5 and Context, Context, Context A promise of God that has different contexts in the Old and New Testaments
Quoted Photos – John’s Epistles Bible quotes on photos
1 Strength to Face Death Corrie ten Boom’s train ticket when needed
Quoted Photos — Psalms 1 – 19 Bible quotes on photos

October 2020

31 The Man in the $5,000 Suit in the Tree Praying for “rich” people
Quoted Photos — Psalms 121 – 141 Bible quotes on photos
30 Quoted Photos – Mark Bible quotes on photos
29 Prophecy, Not Politics Stay awake and watch!
Quoted Photos – Philippians Bible quotes on photos
28 Apply Jesus’ Letters to the Churches in Revelation Do you have ears to hear?
Quoted Photos – Psalms 56-90 Bible quotes on photos
27 Video – Preach to Yourself! Some “renewing the mind” techniques
Quoted Photos — Psalms 91 – 103 Bible quotes on photos
26 Respond to Temptation Like Jesus, Not Eve Speak applicable Scripture and look for God’s way of escape!
Quoted Photos – Luke Bible quotes on photos
25 Quoted Photos – 1 Thessalonians Bible quotes on photos
Exactly How Do I Love My Enemies? Tell them the truth. Hell is hot and forever is a long time.
24 When Is The Iniquity Of A People Complete? Beware when what God calls abominations are protected by law!
Quoted Photos — Psalms 24 – 30 Bible quotes on photos
23 Focus! Look forward. Don’t even think about looking back!
Quoted Photos – Romans Bible quotes on photos
22 Quoted Photos – Colossians Bible quotes on photos
21 Quoted Photos – John Bible quotes on photos
Myron Jerde Birthday Party, October 4, 2020 Happy 90th, Dad!
2o Quoted Photos – Psalms 119 Bible quotes on photos
“Scrooge” or “A Christmas Carol” – 1951 Movie A Dickens of a good movie
19 On “Date Setters” & Missed Dates They remind me to *always* be watching!
Quoted Photos – Isaiah Bible quotes on photos
18 Was Jesus the Carpenter a Celebrity? Was He Rich? Would it make the news if a poor, unknown person got baptized, went in the wilderness 40 days, and came back? I don’t think so.
Quoted Photos – Proverbs 16-31 Bible quotes on photos
17 Study Proverbs Chapters Themes Sometimes I focus on just part of chapters of Proverbs
Quoted Photos – Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Daniel, Hosea, & Amos Bible quotes on photos
16 “The LORD Sat Enthroned At The Flood” Make sure you are one of God’s people!
Quoted Photos – Acts Bible quotes on photos
15 Hate Evil, Turn From Evil God hates evil and so should we
Quoted Photos – James & Jude Bible quotes on photos
14 (5 of 5) How To Hate Your Life In This World – Grow In The Knowledge Of God The seen is temporary. The unseen is eternal. (2 Cor 4:18)
Quoted Photos – Matthew 11-28 Bible quotes on photos
13 Do Not Fret! Do not fret—it only causes harm.
Quoted Photos — Psalms 40 – 55 Bible quotes on photos
12 God Laughs At Those Who Choose Wickedness Make sure God is not going to laugh at you!
Quoted Photos — Psalms 31 – 37 Bible quotes on photos
11 The Great Falling Away – Pastor Bill Randles The whole world falling away from God
Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Corinthians Bible quotes on photos
10 Hebrews 10, Psalm 40, & Context, Context, Context Did the writer of Hebrews violate context? I don’t think so!
Quoted Photos – Proverbs 1-15 Bible quotes on photos
9 Dreams & Visions of the Rapture and Judgment Two videos worth watching
Quoted Photos – Matthew 1-10 Bible quotes on photos
8 Quoted Photos – Genesis Through Job Bible quotes on photos
Concluding Bible Study Psalms Psalms I read nearly every day
7 Quoted Photos – Revelation Bible quotes on photos
(4 of 5) How To Hate Your Life In This World – Accomplishment & Knowledge Doing good works and truly knowing God is difficult in this life
6 Expect God’s Goodness! Psalms 27:13 increased my hope!
5 Quoted Photos — Psalms 104 – 118 Bible quotes on photos
4 Quoted Photos — Psalms 121 – 141 Bible quotes on photos
3 Are Your Angels Busy Or Bored? Angels respond to God’s Word, so be sure to speak the Word!
2 More Quoted Photos Bible quotes on photos
1 Strength Through Humility When I know I’m weak He makes me strong

September 2020

30 Helping One Another Be involved in God’s economy!
29 (3 of ?) How To Hate Your Life In This World – Earth’s Destruction This planet is dying
28 Quoted Photos — Nahum – Malachi Bible quotes on photos
27 *IF* You Hold Fast, *IF* You Continue “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.”
26 (2 of ?) How To Hate Your Life In This World – Evil Should Not Be Here There is coming a day when sin and evil will be gone. Look forward to then!
25 (1 of ?) How To Hate Your Life In This World – The Flesh I am longing to be totally free of my sinful nature!
24 This Do Ye, As Oft As Ye Drink It, In Remembrance Of Me Be open to take communion often
23 Prevailing In These Wicked Times Do not be deceived. Do the things the Bible says to do!
22 Wisdom is the Principal Thing, Wisdom is the Principle Thing Pursue wisdom, and walk in it!
21 Quoted Photos — Psalms 24 – 30 Bible quotes on photos
20 When Lying is Ok – Updated Does Romans 13 mean we have to take the mark of the beast because the government says so?
19 Quoted Photos — Psalms 1 – 19 Bible quotes on photos
18 Forgiveness Leads To The Fear Of The Lord Several translations of Psalm 130:3-4
17 Praying For Strength, Shown My Weaknesses I *need* Jesus and His power!
16 Israel-UAE Peace Deal — If History Repeats Itself Natural disasters have a habit of following attempts to divide God’s land
15 Pre-Tribulation Rapture Proof IMO there are several raptures, including a pre-tribulation rapture
14 What is Grace? Grace empowers holy living
13 Father, Help Me Control My Words! We are justified or condemned by our words!
12 Praying for Prodigals Scriptures for praying for children and grandchildren, natural and spiritual
11 A Good Bible Teacher – Bill Randles Two YouTube channels worth watching, IMO
10 NOW is a Time for JOY! Faith’s testing produces patience
9 Bear Good Fruit! Abide in Jesus!
8 Encouragement From Psalms 37 Wickedness will end, and righteousness will prevail forever!
7 Trump Derangement Syndrome, The Other Extreme Some think too highly of president Trump
6 Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Corinthians Bible quotes on photos
5 The Death of the Righteous There is no fear of death for the righteous
4 The Death of Njord the Betta Fish The whole creation groans to be released from corruption
3 Quoted Photos – John’s Epistles Bible quotes on photos
2 A Command of God That (Possibly) No King Obeyed Did any king write a copy of the law as God commanded?
1 Jesus’ Temptation and Context, Context, Context Did Jesus quote ‘out of context’?

August 2020

31 What About Job’s Friend Elihu? Elihu may be an Old Testament prophet. You make up your own mind.
30 “We Do Not Know What To Do, But Our Eyes Are Upon You” Seeking God’s wisdom and deliverance
29 Comfort For Loneliness Seek intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
28 Rejoice At The Beginning Of Good Things! See and walk by faith
27 The End of Groaning is Coming! The age of sin and death will soon be over!
26 God Is For Me! Some encouragement from the Word
25 2nd Ephesians? Imitate God – WWJD An example of Peter imitating Jesus
24 The Serenity Prayer A prayer of focus
23 Quoted Photos — Psalms 91 – 103 Bible quotes on photos
22 Focus On Future Joy! Focusing on His future joy is how Jesus got through His crucifixion
21 On Jesus’ Staff During The Millennium On being what I was created to be
20 Job’s Friends and Context, Context, Context Who said what matters
19 End-Times, Beginning-Times Look ahead to Jesus’ return for hope and encouragement!
18 Overcoming Bad Habits – Heavy Artillery God’s Word accomplishes His purposes. Use it!
17 No One Knows The Day Or Hour — Eidó vs Ginóskó Watch to know Jesus’ return
16 The Book Of James Is For Us Today! Change your doctrine to agree with the Word!
15 Dealing With Fear Use God’s Word!
14 More Quoted Photos Bible quotes on photos
13 “Pray That …” and/or “Pray, That …” Be aware of punctuation changing the meaning
12 Quoted Photos – Luke Bible quotes on photos
11 The Seven Spirits of God Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord, and ____
10 The Importance of Understanding the Word Be diligent to be understood
4 The Raptures – My Understanding Several departures, starting soon (I hope!)
3 Quoted Photos – Galatians Bible quotes on photos
2 Excellent Short Teachings – John Fenn A good YouTube channel
1 When The devil Quotes Scripture, Part 1 Godly sorrow vs ungodly guilt

July 2020

31 Taking Care of Each Other We need to be here for each other
30 Quoted Photos – Philippians Bible quotes on photos
29 Quoted Photos – 1 and 2 Peter Bible quotes on photos
28 Quoted Photos – Proverbs 16-31 Bible quotes on photos
27 Turn Off TV / YouTube and Read the Bible! Making the best use of my time
26 Quoted Photos – Matthew 11-28 Bible quotes on photos
25 Quoted Photos – Ephesians Bible quotes on photos
24 Acts 1:20 – Context, Context, Context? An example of understanding the Bible
23 The Darkness Is Passing Away! Eyes and mind on the prize!
22 Quoted Photos – Romans Bible quotes on photos
21 Praying in Faith for Our Children and Grandchildren God wants our families saved!
20 Quoted Photos – Psalm 23 Bible quotes on photos
19 Scriptures for Healing Cancer God is watching over His Word to perform it!
18 FYI – “The Rapture Puzzle” YouTube Channel A very interesting YouTube channel on end-times events. I don’t agree with everything but it has made me think!
17 Quoted Photos – Colossians Bible quotes on photos
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Saturate yourself in TRUTH!
16 The Armor is SUFFICIENT to STAND! Have no fear, God’s armor is enough no matter what evil comes!
15 My Dreams and (Hopefully) Visions On the pouring out of the Spirit in the last days
14 Quoted Photos – Proverbs 1-15 Bible quotes on photos
13 Flowers – Looking For Beauty Keeping my eyes open to see God’s handiwork
12 Follow Jesus, Not Public Opinion Do not be deceived by ‘group-think.’ Know the Truth for yourself!
11 “dor acharon” – The Last Generation – Psalms 48:13 We are in the last generation before Jesus’ return!
10 Expect Rescue, Deliverance Prepare yourself to completely depend on God alone
9 Quoted Photos – Matthew 1-10 Bible quotes on photos
8 Affliction and Suffering – Expect Heat! Problems and overcoming them is part of this life
7 Fishers of Men – Current Events Be ready to explain the news from an eternal perspective!
6 If The Foundations Are Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do? Wait for God. He will set all things right!
5 To Be A Soul Winner – The Surprising Verse In Psalm 51 “Free me from my guilt so I cannot help but tell others of Your forgiveness!”
4 What About ‘Bad Doctrine’? Handling different understandings of Scripture
3 – Bible Study Resources Best feature IMO – Early translations like Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva, etc.
2 Watch! Scriptures on keeping watch
1 Quoted Photos – Hebrews Bible quotes on photos

June 2020

30 Trust in the Lord “Trust in the Lord” Scriptures
29 Did Moses Feel He Had Failed God? Overcoming regret
28 Four Excellent End-Times Messages Four sermons preached today very worthwhile to watch
27 The Lord’s Prayer in Old English Are there “ancient texts” in heaven, and if so, will I be able to understand them as did the people of the time?
26 The Ultra-Rich – Understanding The News Think eternally, and make sure you are rich towards God!
25 Bible Translations and Intercourse, Pennsylvania The changed meanings of words can make older Bible translations difficult to understand
24 Quoted Photos – Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel Bible quotes on photos
23 God Wants You To Be Rich. Really, He Does! If this freaks you out, you better find out what the Bible says!
22 Understanding The News Is there any doubt these are the last days?
21 Noah’s Flood – Bone-Breaking Earthquakes How violent will the Revelation 16 earthquake be?
20 Quoted Photos – Acts Bible quotes on photos
19 Quoted Photos – James and Jude Bible quotes on photos
18 Quoted Photos – 1 Thessalonians Bible quotes on photos
17 2 Thessalonians 2:11 – “The Lie” or “A Lie”? (How To Use BibleHub) Getting started researching Bible Hebrew and Greek.
16 Quoted Photos – Psalms 119 Bible quotes on photos
15 Quoted Photos – John Bible quotes on photos
14 Feeding Many From A Can Of Soup Scriptures to build faith to feed hungry people if need be.
13 Quoted Photos – Isaiah Bible quotes on photos
12 Putting On The Armor I find value “Getting Dressed For Success” in the Biblical order.
11 Quoted Photos – Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Daniel, Hosea, and Amos Bible quotes on photos
10 Noah’s Flood Evidence – “Is Genesis History?” YouTube Channel Decided for yourself if the evidence supports the Genesis creation account.
9 The Book of Elisha An example of an insight gained by reading the Bible like a novel.
8 Quoted Photos – Genesis Through Job Bible quotes on photos
7 Seek and Keep On Seeking! Scriptures on seeking God
6 How To Hate Your Life In This World A bad day in heaven (if that’s even possible) is better than the best day in this life. Think about your eternal life.
5 It’s Just Stuff Lay up treasures in heaven, where they cannot be harmed or stolen.
4 Why I Decided Not To Buy An ESV Bible It is important which specific Hebrew / Greek text is used to make a translation.
3 My Father, My Father! There is incredible power in praying the short, simple prayer Jesus taught us to pray!
2 The Word of God is Much More Than Words on a Page Jesus is The Word of God, and His Words are Spirit and Life!
1 Beware Bible Translation Idolatry IMO the original texts are perfect, but all translations of the Bible have errors. Rely on the Holy Spirit!

May 2020

31 Be A Missouri Berean Do Not Be Deceived! Examine and know the Scriptures for yourself!
30 Rapture June 6th? Dr Barry Awe Is Dr Barry right? Decide for yourself!
29 Can Someone Today Know They Will Be A Martyr? Yes, I think some will know they will die because of their faith in Jesus
28 Eternal Security is a Progressive, Possibly Fatal Doctrine Change your doctrine to fit Scripture. Don’t ignore Scripture to fit your doctrine!
27 “I Could Be Committing Adultery With A Whore And Still Go In The Rapture” Change your doctrine to fit Scripture. Don’t ignore Scripture to fit your doctrine!
26 Lord, Make Seeing Eyes Blind A prayer we can pray if we need
25 War Psalms for These Times Psalms for fighting wickedness in heavenly places
24 Do Not Quit! Setting my mind on eternal matters
23 Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus Bible quotes on photos
Proverbs For Breakfast Developing a new Bible study habit
22 Quoted Photos – Psalms 56-90 Bible quotes on photos
Spring Is In The Air, And It’s Not Fair Some of my anti-lust Scriptures
21 Quoted Photos – Mark Bible quotes on photos
Getting Along With People Forgive, forget, move on
20 Quoted Photos – Galatians Bible quotes on photos
Who Goes In The Rapture? Only those with clean garments?
19 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
Death Is No Big Deal For Those Who Know Jesus Make sure death is no big deal for you!
18 Exalted In His Righteousness I am saved because of Jesus’ righteousness, not mine!
17 My Blog, Storing Up Knowledge Writing is a great meditation tool for me
16 John 15:7 – Whatever You Wish All prayers in line with God’s will are answered!
15 Quoted Photos – James Bible quotes on photos
14 Suffering With God In Grief And Sadness Now is the time to pray for the lost. Night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4)
13 Eternal Security? “SOME SHALL DEPART FROM THE FAITH.” Hopefully not you or me!
12 Quoted Photos – Acts Bible quotes on photos
11 Quoted Photos – Colossians Bible quotes on photos
10 Askfullyness And It Will Be Given To You Verbifying a missing English tense
9 Truth That Sets Free Freedom from sin and erroneous knowledge
8 The Secret Place Is Not So Secret Acknowledge Jesus publicly!
7 Quoted Photos – Isaiah Bible quotes on photos
6 Warning to the USA Judgment is coming for the innocent blood shed
5 The New Heaven and The New Earth Some bright light for our path!
4 My Prayer To Be Counted Worthy To Escape How I pray Luke 21:36
3 The Light to MY Path The Word shows me where I am going
2 Hezekiah’s Short, Effective Prayer Against Sennacherib A pattern for praying specifically
1 Try Reading Psalms This Month Get to know this wonderful book!

April 2020

30 Do *YOU* Recognize The Time? End-time prophecy is coming to pass!
29 “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Do you believe Woody Allen or Jesus?
28 “Son, Remember The Joy” Promised joy helps get us through trials.
27 Personal Revival – Psalm 119 Revive me, Father!
26 Humility = Reality Pride is an illusion, humility is reality
25 Who Goes to Heaven? The walk matters!
24 Quoted Photos – Hebrews Bible quotes on photos
23 Are Only Disciples Saved? Abide in Jesus!
22 Quoted Photos – 1 Peter, 2 Peter Bible quotes on photos
21 Quoted Photos – 1 John, 2 John, Jude Bible quotes on photos
20 Quoted Photos – Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah, Malachi Bible quotes on photos
19 Quoted Photos – Genesis-Joshua Bible quotes on photos
18 Check Your Helmet “Test yourselves.”
17 Quoted Photos – Jeremiah, Lamentations Bible quotes on photos
16 Quoted Photos – Ezra, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs Bible quotes on photos
15 Note to Self – Be Thankful! Beware grumbling thoughts!
14 Quoted Photos – Job Bible quotes on photos
13 Is Solomon In Heaven? Even wisdom without obedience is folly.
12 What Did Jesus Do While He Was Dead? My current understanding, plus what happens to Hades.
11 The Walk How I walk matters
10 I Am Thankful For Jesus He gave me eternal life!
9 Will Things Return to Normal? I hope and pray they don’t.
8 By Whose Stripes You Were Healed I believe Jesus suffered to heal my physical body.
7 A Short Guide To Holy Living Simple but not easy. Control all thoughts, words, and deeds.
6 Quoted Photos – 2 Chronicles, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Amos Bible quotes on photos
5 The Storm Before The Calm For believers in Jesus, great calm is coming!
4 When Lying is Ok If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Psalm 11:3 KJV
3 Quoted Photos – The Fear Of The Lord Bible quotes on photos
2 Forgive To Be Forgiven I want God to forgive me, so I must forgive others!
1 Quoted Photos – Ephesians Bible quotes on photos

March 2020

31 Binging on Paul Working on a “Harmony of Paul.”
30 Surely He Shall Deliver You From The Snare Of The Fowler Walk where the known snares aren’t!
29 DO NOT TAKE THE MARK! Taking the mark of the beast causes eternal death!
28 Is It Ok To Want To Be Great? IMO, yes
27 Write Psalm 23:1 Daily A meditation tip
26 Thy Kingdom Come “It is time for the LORD to act”
25 Unfriend, Unsubscribe, Unfollow Garbage in, garbage out
24 Waiting… Waiting is part of faith
23 Forgetting The Past Scripture to help overcome regret
22 Be Fully Prepared to Obey God What does Romans 13 really teach?
21 Do Not Fear. Everything Is Going As Planned. Trust, wait and work.
20 We Are In A War! Fight to win! Jesus is the victory!
19 Quoted Photos – Timothy, Titus Bible quotes on photos
18 Saved to Serve God Child, friend, king, priest, and servant.
17 Psalms 78 – Choose Belief! God can and will protect and provide for His children!
16 Romans 2 – Beware Hypocrisy WRONG: “Do what I say, not what I do.”
15 Quoted Photos – Romans Bible quotes on photos
14 Update – Personalized Psalms 91 Prayer “When Mark calls on Me, I answer him.”
13 More Quoted Photos Bible quotes on photos
12 Paul’s Message: Repent, Turn to God, Do Works Befitting Repentance Paul’s summary of his ministry shows the importance of appropriate good works.
11 Jesus’ Dysfunctional Family Jesus completely understands family problems because He experienced them.
10 My Strong Tower He is my safety and protection!
9 Provision in Famine God will provide for His people!
8 Quoted Photos – 1 Thessalonians Bible quotes on photos
7 On Matthew 28:19 A second post on the Greek texts
6 Romans 8:1 Greek Texts Shocker Does the walk matter? Greek texts differ.
5 Quoted Photos – Revelation Bible quotes on photos
4 The King is Coming! My redemption is very, very near!
3 I Remember The Womb A profound dream. I was me before anyone met me.
2 A Short Testimony From Proverbs 29 God gave me concern for others.
1 Some Heart Medication Some of my daily Rx from Psalms.

February 2020

29 Quoted Photos – Philippians Bible quotes on photos
28 Obedience Brings Joy An understanding of John 15:11 in its immediate context.
27 Apology for the “Dry” Old Testament “Dry” wasn’t the right word to describe God’s Word!
26 God Takes Our Actions Personally Grumbling against my brothers and sisters is grumbling against God!
25 Love, Obedience, The Secret Place It is my choice where I dwell
24 Keep on Asking, Seeking, Knocking Reminding myself to keep on keeping on!
23 More Quoted Photos Bible quotes on photos
22 More on the Secret Place of the Most High Insight from the AMP and AMPC translations
21 Praying Like Daniel Report on praying while kneeling, looking up, with hands raised.
20 Should We Bow Our Heads In Prayer? We don’t HAVE to but it’s certainly ok
19 John 3:36 Belief and Obedience Use several translations to help discover important things
18 I’m Going To Study David I want to emulate what David did well
17 Is The Word Rapture In The Bible? Yes it is. 🙂
16 Dear YouTube Pastor Two things I want to share with one of my favorite pastors.
15 Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Corinthians Bible quotes on photos
14 The Secret Place of His Presence Psalms 31 gives insight on Psalms 91’s “secret place of the Most High.”
13 Quoted Photos – Mark Bible quotes on photos
12 Ignorance is No Excuse Study the Bible daily!
11 John 14-16 – The Holy Spirit Introduction to study of the Holy Spirit
10 Develop Good Habits Make straight paths for your feet!
9 The Unsaved Rich Are POOR! Be sure to be rich towards God!
8 The Word Demands Action The things the Bible teaches me I must put into practice
7 More Quoted Photos Bible quotes on photos
Image – Personalized Prayer of Psalms 91 Image of the Psalms 91 prayer to use when the web page doesn’t display properly.
6 Strength From God God wants me to be strong in Him!
5 Are There Levels of Glory in Heaven? I believe work done on earth matters for the world to come
4 Personalized Prayer of Psalms 91 How I am praying Psalms 91
3 Forgiving People Who Have Not Asked Forgiveness My glory is to forgive!
2 Quoted Photos – John Bible quotes on photos
1 Quoted Photos – Luke Bible quotes on photos

January 2020

31 Work in the Last Days “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”
30 Quoted Photos – Matthew Bible quotes on photos
29 Quoted Photos – Proverbs 16-29 Bible quotes on photos
28 Moses’ Short Prayer Increasing intimacy in prayer
27 Psalms 119:133 – Overcoming Bad Habits “Do not let any iniquity have dominion over me.”
26 Joseph’s Story Bothers Me How like Joseph should we be?
25 Coronavirus Protection Read and pray Psalms 91
24 On Position and Promotion God is in charge!
23 Communicate With Friends and Relatives Good words cheer people up
22 Quoted Photos – Proverbs 1-15 Bible quotes on photos
21 Have Communion All By Yourself You are qualified if you believe in Jesus, because He has made you a priest
20 Baby Boomer and Older Verses Scriptures for those who have been around a while
19 God Delivers His People The righteous will be delivered!
18 Quoted Photos – Psalms 121-141 Bible quotes on photos
17 God Loves Colors Find things that help you do the things you know you should do, then do them
16 Backing Into The Golden Rule Will I be able to repay good for evil always?
15 Rethinking The Golden Rule Helping people escape hell is the primary good we can do!
14 Unforgiveness is Deadly! We must forgive people as we want to be forgiven by God!
13 Reality is an Illusion Fix your focus on the eternal
12 Quoted Photos – Psalms 119 Bible quoted on photos
11 Abraham and Lot – Praying for Family Pray for unsaved relatives with confidence!
10 Quoted Photos – Psalms 91-118 Bible quotes on photos
9 The Father – Don’t Forget To Call! Cry out to God, especially in times of trouble!
8 Life Is Like Learning To Ride A Bike When we fall, God helps us get up and keep going!
7 According To Your Faith God really does want to bless His children!
6 Some Coming Events Some Scriptures of end-times disasters
5 They Immediately Left Their Nets and Followed Him May we, like His disciples, immediately follow Him!
4 The Importance of Bearing Good Fruit Be sure to abide in Jesus!
3 Quoted Photos – Psalms 56-90 Bible quotes on photos
2 James on Words What we say is beyond super-duper critical!
1 Bible Interpretation – Context, Context, Context? Something I will be investigating this year

December 2019

31 The Secret Place – Love, Obedience How to activate the protection promises of Psalms 91
30 No Cowards In Heaven! Forever is a long, long time. Stay with Jesus!
29 Looking To Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith Follow Jesus’ example of perseverance
28 Psalms 23:1 – I Lack Nothing! “Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need!” (TLB)
27 Think On Your Future Joy! If it was good enough for Jesus, …
26 Quoted Photos – Psalms 31-55 Bible quotes on photos
25 Quoted Photos – Psalms 1-30 Bible quotes on photos
24 A Little Child Shall Lead Them Merry Christmas Eve!
23 Are My Notebooks In Heaven? Maybe 🙂
22 Is Love For God A Feeling Or Behavior? Don’t let feelings deceive you!
21 I’m Not Very Interested In End-Times Prophecy Anymore It all *will* happen. Now, what is *my* mission?
20 God’s Hammer – Repost Pray the Word until you succeed!
19 Titus – An Interesting Book Good teaching on works
18 DSLR Sunset Photos I’m using a “real camera” again
17 Why Did God Create Mankind? We are *created* for good works!
16 Let No One Take Your Crown! Keep watching for Jesus’ return!
15 Faith and Obedience Is there faith *in* God without obedience *to* God?
14 Life Is Not Always Easy When things are rough, think about the benefits
13 He Draggeth Me Beside The Still Waters Hear Jesus and follow Him!
12 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
11 Cast Your Burden On יהוה God really loves you and cares about you!
10 Feast on the Word Daily! Before reading your Bible, think about the rich spiritual Banquet you are about to have!
9 Kings of What? Think about things to come!
8 Like a Tree Fresh and green, with roots that go deep
7 Everything Starts With The Fear Of The Lord The Fear of the Lord is the very beginning of everything worth knowing
6 Bible “Speed Reading” Rapidly skim the Bible looking for a particular verse and see if the Holy Spirit doesn’t stop you on a verse you need to ponder!
5 Proverbs Reading Plan Read the chapter of Proverbs for the day of the month
4 We Are In A Deadly Serious Spiritual War The armor of God isn’t for display, it is to be used!
3 The Shield of Faith is Knowledge of the Word of God The truth you know quenches the fiery darts of the wicked one
2 Joy! God’s truth over circumstances
1 Dead-Trees Strong’s – Faith Cometh By (Interacting With And Deciding On The Word) My copy of Strong’s Concordance has great Hebrew and Greek dictionaries

November 2019

30 Our God is a Consuming Fire – The Fear of the Lord Fear Him who has the power to cast into hell!
29 Mop, Then Sweep Think creatively
28 Father, I’m Thankful! Thank You, Father, for eternal life! And for all Your other blessings too!
27 Consider Having a Printed Concordance Can you find Bible verses whose location you don’t remember in a candles-only scenario?
26 Blessed, Sweet Sleep I am doing things that bless my sleep
25 1951 Movie “Scrooge” or “A Christmas Carol” A Dickens of a good movie
24 Know The Whole Word of God Accurately handle the Word of Truth
23 Overcoming Bad Habits – Psalms 107 God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves!
22 On Judging Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged, while true, is not the complete story
21 Meditation – The Write-Right Rite The discipline of writing has blessed me
20 Wow! Psalms 62:8 Trust in Him! Trust, pray, believe, rest
19 Saved By Grace Through Dead Faith? Why risk it when the Bible teaches how to have faith?
18 The Book of Remembrance, and More The short book of Malachi is packed with promises!
17 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
16 Isaiah 55 TS2009 One of my all-time favorite chapters
15 Overcoming Bad Habits – No Boasting! Overcome bad habits by the Spirit
14 Don’t Be Stupid Respond well to God’s correction
13 I Almost Missed the Beauty “A cheerful heart has a continual feast.”
12 OSAS? Two Teachings From Romans “If by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.”
11 Fascinating Videos on Revelation Very educational!
10 4th Century Mention of the Rapture in a Sermon Not a doctrine invented in the 1800’s
9 No Lack! Scriptures of God’s provision
8 The Way Is Not Easy Look to Jesus!
7 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
6 Let Your Light Shine! Publicly depend on God
5 Hypocrisy – Not Discerning The Time Know where we are prophetically
4 Strong Delusion, The Lie – UFOs? Did aliens create mankind?
3 Giants and The Days of Noah The giants of fairy tales may not be fairy tales.
2 Video on Martin Luther Worth watching, IMO
1 Keep Looking Up! Things will change!

October 2019

31 Trust in the Lord Encouragement in troubled times
30 OSAS? Some Words of Jesus Abide in Jesus!
29 OSAS? What About Demas? Do not love the world!
28 The Crowd is WRONG! Make sure you’re part of Jesus’ “few” instead of the “many.”
27 OSAS? The Mark of the Beast Do not take the mark of the beast. Salvation is then impossible!
26 OSAS? The Book of Galatians Don’t fall for the trap of trying to keep the law!
25 Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Crown! Keep watching for Jesus’ return!
24 OSAS? The Book of Revelation What happens if one does not overcome?
23 OSAS? The Falling Away How can you fall from someplace you never were?
22 OSAS? The Parable of the Sower Jesus said some believe then fall away
21 Where Do Paul’s Teachings Come From? Not just direct revelations
20 The Luke 4 Switcharoo Improper v proper use of Psalms 91 angelic protection
19 No Favoritism Practical application of the Golden Rule
18 Equal Weights and Measures Be honest in buying and selling
17 Some Encouraging Quotes Some encouraging Bible quote photos
16 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
15 Judgment Is Coming – Be Found In Jesus! Bible prophecy will come to pass!
14 Quoted Lightning Photos Bible quotes on photos of lightning
13 He Also Brought Me Up Out Of A Horrible Pit Like being caught in WWI mud, I could not save myself
12 We Will Be Judged By Our Works Do the work of believing in Him
11 How Can We Buy From God? A mystery to me
10 You Can’t Take It With You, But You Can Send It Ahead! Store up your treasures in heaven!
9 Repost – Praying For Revival Things will happen
8 Strength When Needed God’s promises of strength to triumph!
7 Bear Good Fruit! Bring glory to the Father!
6 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
5 The Mystery of Zacharias’ Isolation There is more here than has met my eyes
4 Psalms 19:7-11 Study Preparation Sample of setting up for online study
3 I Am Simple I need God’s wisdom!
2 Psalms 91:1-2 One thought or two?
1 The 23rd Psalm One of my favorite chapters in the Bible

September 2019

30 Tell Them What Great Things The Lord Has Done For You It’s a great way to witness!
29 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
28 Let Unanswered Prayer Increase Your Faith Know your prayers *will* be answered!
27 Persevering in Adversity Choose faith!
26 Psalms 119 – There Better Be Things You Hate Fearing God is hating evil!
25 Caution – Know the Power of God Beware seeking only power!
24 Know the Power of God It is part of not falling into error
23 Renewal After Armageddon IMO Jesus will un-extinct species
22 YouTube – Listen Faster Listen to an hour message in as little as 30 minutes
21 Psalms In A Month Reading Plans Plans to read about the same number of verses every day
20 Staying Focused The cares of this life want to distract us
19 Coming Soon: Matt 24, Rev 6-8, Joel 2, Is 13, 60 Life on earth will soon change forever!
18 Why Words Matter It’s how God created us!
17 Overcoming Fear Know, believe and praise God’s Word!
16 Test Your Backups Make SURE you can recover your data!
15 Forcing a Vision Seek God and He will reveal Himself to you
14 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
13 Proverbs 12 – Words! More Scripture on the importance of our words
12 Proverbs 10 – Words! The words we say are critical!
11 Customers, or Victims Which “Golden Rule” do you follow?
10 Proverbs 9 – Most Important Bible Chapter? There is much vital information in Proverbs 9
9 Quoted Photos – 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus Bible quote photos from Paul’s letters to pastors
8 Do I Have To Be Politically Correct? I would rather offend men than God
7 Store Up for Yourselves Treasure in Heaven No thieves or corruption in heaven!
6 The Lesson of the Sunset Trust the I AM. He knows what is over the horizon.
5 Are Birthdays Celebrated in Heaven? Maybe they are!
4 Lions and Cobras and Demons, Oh My! Like it or not, prepare for battle!
3 Wanted: iPhone Cassette Player I want to make better use of commute time
2 Repent Daily Per the Lord’s Prayer!
1 September Psalms Reading Plan – Draft Read about the same amount and finish Psalms in a month

August 2019

31 Psalms Well That Ends Well There are great Scriptures in the last chapters of Psalms
30 Is All Knowledge Good To Know? “I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil.”
29 Waking Up Early, Gently If you hate alarms clocks waking you up try this
28 Listen for Trouble Ahead Listen for the still, quiet voice of God
27 My Protected Tent God protects my life and health
26 Quoted Photos – 1 Thessalonians Bible quote photos from 1 Thessalonians
25 The Affliction of Work God’s gift is enjoyable work
24 Don’t Nobody Gotta Teach Y’all Nothing IMO we *need* each other
23 Quoted Photos – John’s Epistles Bible quote photos from John’s epistles
22 Quoted Photos – James and Jude Bible quote photos from James and Jude
21 Remembering to Read Psalms 91 A suggestion for developing a good habit
20 How’s Your Fruit? Let us examine ourselves!
19 Quoted Photos – Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah, and Malachi Bible quote photos from several Old Testament books
18 Summoning “Black Sabbath” Music is powerful!
17 My New Gym Bag Have you thought about your white-stone name?
16 Make The Rejoice Choice It is a choice to rejoice and be glad
15 Quoted Photos – Revelation Bible quote photos from Revelation
14 Quoted Photos – Hebrews Bible quote photos from Hebrews
13 Ever Increasing Peace My peace is growing, and fear is shrinking
12 More Bible Quote Photos More Bible quote photos
11 Quoted Photos – Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Daniel, Hosea, and Amos Bible quote photos from several Old Testament books
10 Quoted Photos – Galatians and Ephesians Bible quoted photos from Galatians and Ephesians
9 “Lord, Remember” A form of prayer I am going to try
8 Things That Please The Lord Some Scriptures of things that please God
7 Quoted Photos – 1st and 2nd Corinthians Bible quote photos from 1st and 2nd Corinthians
6 Quoted Photos – Philippians and Colossians Bible quote photos from Philippians and Colossians
5 Try a Blind Experiment Increasing faith for healing
4 Jesus Teaches on Humility My mission in this life is to be an obedient servant
3 Did Jesus Have A Mansion? Yes, I think He did
2 Some Encouragement Scriptures for meditation
1 Quoted Photos – Peter’s Epistles Bible quote photos from 1 & 2 Peter

July 2019

31 Progress, Not Perfection We won’t be sinless in this life but we need to make progress
30 Quoted Photos – Acts and Romans Bible quote photos from Acts and Romans
29 Quoted Photos – Genesis Through Job Genesis through Job Bible quote photos
28 Quoted Photos – Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel Bible quote photos
27 Psalms 119 – Ask! Deliver me, revive me, teach me!
Quoted Photos – Isaiah Isaiah Bible quote photos
26 I Filled Another Notebook! “Study to shew thyself approved unto God.”
Quoted Photos – Psalms Psalms Bible quote photos
25 Eyes On The Prize – Don’t Look Back Think about the eternal
Quoted Photos – Proverbs Proverbs Bible quote photos
24 Beware Unforgiveness! Should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant, just as I had pity on you?
Quoted Photos – John John Bible quote photos
23 Quoted Photos – Mark and Luke Mark & Luke Bible quote photos
22 Quoted Photos – Matthew Matthew Bible quote photos
21 Command – Find Out What Pleases The Lord I need to study how to please God, then do the things I learn
20 Proverbs 18 – Words! Speak life, not death!
19 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
18 Is There A Trinity? Scripture to ponder
17 I Will Not Fear Truth overcomes fear
16 Humility and The Word Let the Word change your mind
15 Pray! (Grand) Parent Is Not An Elected Position! As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!
14 The Surprising End of Psalms 119 Ask forgiveness, forget the past, and drive on!
13 Report: Read Five Psalms a Day I am blessed by reading through Psalms every month
12 iPhone Spiritual Combat Music Setting up an iPhone to play good music all night
11 Endure Hardship Stand firm if “Life Happens.”
10 It’s All About Him! Thank You Father for the gift of eternal life!
9 As It Was In The Days Of Noah Will you be caught by surprise?
8 Angelic Protection Trust in God’s protection
7 More – I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You Other translations for “leave” and “forsake.”
6 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
5 I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You Meditating on each word of the promise
40 Years From Now Have you planned for eternal life?
4 Taking Care of the Poor “Do unto others”
3 The Sons of Disobedience “Be holy, for I am holy.”
2 Awl in the Family Choose to be God’s servant
1 The Sermon on the Mount’s Finale What an end to a great sermon!

June 2019

30 A Daily Prayer It’s about His righteousness
29 Do NOT Be Deceived! Pay heed to the Bible’s warnings about deception!
28 Do You Despise God? It’s about the walk!
27 How Long, Father, How Much Longer? It’s getting really evil down here, Father!
26 Colorful Shadows of Heaven Earth’s beauty is just a whisper and mist of heaven’s peace and beauty. Don’t miss it!
25 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
24 What Does The Bible Say About Losing Salvation? Read the Word and decide for yourself
23 Doctrines of Devils Beware discounting Scripture to justify bad behavior!
22 Psalms 107 – Praying for Backsliders Father, set the prisoners free!
21 Ephesians 2:8-10 Repunctuated Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
20 Matthew 25, Eternal Security Version The judgment of the sheep and the goats … and the camels
19 Know The Whole Word Of God Read, pray, and trust daily
18 Being Led by the Heart “Commit your works to יהוה,
And your plans shall be established.”
17 The Wise Men Were Not Surprised! Ponder Amos 3:7 and Revelation 3:3
16 Psalms 77 – What To Do When Prayers Are Not Answered Keep your thoughts and your words in line with the Word of God!
15 Divorce, Holidays and Loneliness Weep with those who weep.
Three Rapture Departures Research and decide for yourself
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
14 The Heart of the Believer God transforms the heart!
13 Protection From Ebola and Other Deadly Diseases Pray and trust in God’s protection!
12 God’s Suddenlies Sometimes God works very quickly!
11 Scripture Precedence God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked
10 Do You Have Flood Assurance? Hear and DO the Word of God!
9 Psalms 37 Promises “Trust in Him, and He does it.”
8 The Psalms 36 Checklist Descriptions of the wicked can point out things to change
7 “Hope” v “Expectation” For me, “expect” is more certain than “hope.”
6 Salvation From God’s Viewpoint Be an obedient servant!
5 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
4 Trust and Wait Finish better than king Asa
3 Spiritual Dog Walks Meditations outdoors with friends
2 Happy 40th Rebirthday! 40 years believing in Jesus!
1 Are Future Sins Already Forgiven? Confess and repent daily!

May 2019

31 Something To Die For “I am a German officer, not a barbarian.”
30 Like a Lion Before the Throne Only because of the gift of righteousness!
29 Salvation – Grace – Faith – Works Abide in Jesus and relax. Good works will just happen.
28 A Command – Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled A troubled heart is a warning light
27 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
26 Hate Doubt – Draft Choose faith, not doubt.
25 If The Foundations Are Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do? Wait on the Lord. Things will change!
24 Finding Lost Items Nothing will stay hidden!
23 How Do I Know If I Fear The Lord? Am I doing or just hearing?
22 Sweet Sleep – Armored Pajamas Report God’s protection for better sleep
21 Eternity in the Heart Use multiple Bible translations!
20 Gideon’s Glow Sticks A military take on a Bible story
19 On “Rightly Dividing” Beware of deciding some Scripture “doesn’t apply.” Some doesn’t, but not as much as some people think!
18 Beam Me Up, Jesus! Groaning because of wickedness
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
17 Encouragement – A Photo and a Jar of Honey Little things that meant a lot!
16 Update – No One Knows The Day Or Hour We don’t know which calendar God is using.
15 Quick & Easy Ribbon Placemarks Almost as fast as paper bookmarks, and harder to lose.
14 Death Is On A Short Leash Death itself will die!
13 The End of the Fig Tree Generation (?) Jesus IS coming soon!
12 He Cares For YOU God loves and cares for His children
11 (If) Next Time, Two Bibles One to read, one to highlight
10 … Who For The JOY Set Before Him … Jesus is eager to greet His bride!
9 The Temple in Heaven Expansion Project It needs to hold more people
8 Be an Overcomer! Believe in Jesus!
7 KJV Verses I Misunderstood Language has changed since the 1600’s
6 Zombies? The Coming Hell on Earth Explanation of the Daniel 12 partial resurrection?
5 Overcoming Sin – Words and Thoughts Simple, but maybe not so easy
4 Boasting About Jesus! Defending my hope!
3 Topical Index Cards Inexpensive and effective
2 Be Still Sometimes the right thing to do is nothing
1 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos

April 2019

30 Staying In The Moment Each day is enough by itself
29 Staying Ready to Meet Jesus Jesus is my righteousness!
28 On Your Mark, Get Set, GROW! The key to being productive, versus being blind
27 Humility The key to knowing God
26 Your Father Knows What You Need I know my wants; He knows my needs.
25 Taking Every Thought Captive Thinking about TRUTH
24 On The Rapture(s) More than one (?)
23 On The 144,000 288,000?
22 Speak Life, Not Death! Use your words for good!
21 He Is Risen! Death couldn’t contain Him!
20 Update – Psalms 91 Cross References Scriptures that support Psalms 91
19 The Lord Will Give You The Desires of Your Heart The heart-refining process
18 Playing with Dynamite! Be careful how you use the most powerful force in the universe!
17 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
16 God Is For Me Victory is promised!
15 Take-No-Prisoners Prayer Show no mercy to spiritual wickedness!
14 A Very Short List All good things come from God
13 Hope Booster God gives us hope!
12 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
11 The Deliverance Process – Psalms 40:1-4 Pray and wait
10 These Things I Have Spoken To You Words for believers
9 The Cana Wedding Crashers A mind-movie that explains much, or not.
8 No “Plan B” – The Secret Place Others know your trust is in God alone
7 I Identify with the Criminal on the Cross It’s all about Jesus!
I’m Loving Natural, “Naked” Paragraph Scripture! Interruption-free Scripture
6 God’s Plan Includes Suffering Expect difficulties
5 God Tamed My Tongue But also, be careful what you hear!
4 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
3 Three Days of Darkness Egyptian plague repeat?
2 My Most Remarkable Photo U-Cross-shaped lightning taken at the U-Cross Ranch
1 Ask Asking / receiving Scriptures

March 2019

31 Do Not Be Deceived: Romans 13 & 1 Peter 2 Obey God, Not Man
30 Seek His Face When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”
29 Use a Topical Notebook Keep track of Scripture of interest to you!
28 The Blessed Hope I’m a citizen of heaven soon to be there!
27 Comfort In Trouble God is not nervous about our situations!
26 Activating Angels They respond to God’s Word
25 Wars and Rumors of Wars Evil times are coming. Will you escape?
24 Trust in God, Not in Military Strength Will the USA remain a superpower?
23 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
22 DeMolay, Yoga, and Ray Kurzweil Divine protection, unaware
21 Comfort One Another With These Words Look up! Jesus is coming!
20 The Golden Rule is Mandatory More than just a suggestion
My Ideal Bible P.S. Old Testament passages that stand out in the New Testament
19 Psalms 80 – Intercession Identify with those for whom you are praying
18 My Ideal Bible Minimal distractions from the Word!
17 Pajama Armor Spiritual protection while you sleep
16 Some Things God Loves Righteousness is a big one!
15 “You Do Not Need That Anyone Teach You” Deception awareness only!
14 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
13 Purifying Hope Set your mind on things above
12 Broken and Humble is a Good Place “He heals the brokenhearted.”
11 Covetousness is Idolatry Trust God to provide
10 Daily Things to do every day
9 Eternal Life is Pass / Fail Do you have the Son?
8 Be Careful When You’re Hurting Greater risk of sin
7 Psalms 25:11 TS2009 – Wow! “You shall pardon my crookedness.”
6 Psalms 20 – YHWH Does! A very positive translation of Psalms 20
5 War Psalms Prayers for judgment on the wicked?
4 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
3 Rejoice With Trembling – The Fear of the Lord God looks on the one who trembles at His Word
2 Prayer By Stopwatch An hour is 3600 seconds added up
1 “He Saved Them Out of Their Distresses” Thank You, Father, for delivering me out of troubles that are just a part of life, and those troubles completely of my own making!

February 2019

28 “I Should Know Where That Verse Is” A cheap, quick and effective tool to increase Bible knowledge
27 Dissatisfied? Make an Investment! “Make straight paths for your feet.”
26 My Blessed Dollar Store Experience Hearing Jesus’ voice in everyday things
25 What I Learned in January 2019 Hearing God’s voice in January ’19
24 Note Taking Bible Consolidate understandings in a super-wide-margin version of my primary Bible
23 Free eBooks: Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis’ delightful Narnia books are available for free!
22 New! Improved! Romans Letter KJV Letter Now with chapter and verse references! Romans KJV in an easier-to-understand format.
21 Romans Letter KJV Letter Romans KJV in an easier-to-understand format
20 Stressed? Worried? Write Some Scripture! Writing Scripture brings me peace
19 HalleluYah Scriptures Review Could use some improvement
18 Bible Study Warm-Up — TS2009 Scriptures to read and pray before beginning Bible study
17 Hearing God’s Voice Over Time Finding the most important.
16 Psalms 91 – Is Love the Secret Place? The indwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a very good place!
15 C.S. Lewis on Chrislam Aslan + Tash = Tashlan
14 The Progress of My Hope “And this is everlasting life, that they should know You, the only true Elohim, and יהושע Messiah whom You have sent.”
13 Does Psalms 91 Have a Condition? “… because he has known My name.”
12 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
11 Psalms 91 – Restored Names Bibles “HE that dwells in the secret place of EL ELYON shall abide under the shadow of EL SHADDAI.”
10 The Fear of the Lord – 6 More Fear of the Lord Scriptures
9 Psalms 91 Cross References Scriptures that support Psalms 91
8 Through My Bible in 38 Days! The quickest I have read the whole Bible; Free to do topical study.
7 The Fear of the Lord – 5 More Fear of the Lord passages, mostly from Psalms
6 The Word in the Heart The Word in the heart is what bears fruit
5 Teaching From The Heart Teaching from the heart is a gift from God
4 Imitate Not sure what to do?
3 Predestination v Free Will IMO both are true, though my mind cannot understand how that can be
2 Isaiah – Orphans, Widows, Poor Do to others as you would have them do to you.
1 Tab Psalms 91 Read and pray Psalms 91 every day

January 2019

31 Messiah in Isaiah Many prophetic Scriptures
30 The Revelation 12 Eagle God Himself is the eagles’ wings!
29 Bulk Bible Reading 30,000-foot view of Scripture
28 How Well Did David Know The Law? Surprisingly, not very well IMO
27 My Salvation is a Gift God is my glory
26 Rage Is Ok, Sometimes But don’t act on the rage: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
25 Did David Sin By Having Many Wives? Yes, IMO
24 Scriptures That Make Me Chuckle Funny parts of “mental movies.”
23 Blog Post Fail – Pharaoh’s Heart Did God harden or strengthen Pharaoh’s heart? I don’t know.
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
22 Two Interesting Heart Scriptures Insight into the “inner man”
21 The Word in the Heart God’s Word belongs in our hearts!
20 Flower Photos Bible Quotes Some beauty for my 600th post.
Meek Ain’t Weak! “Blessed are those exercising God’s strength under His control:
for they shall inherit the earth.”
19 Read Five Psalms a Day Very comforting!
18 Decisions From The Heart Some decisions may not be “logical.”
17 Thought Prayers, Prayers of the Heart Silent prayer is valid IMO
16 Sheep & Goats Judgment – Faith Without Works Is Dead Check your own fruit
The Heart – In God’s Image Man’s heart is in the image of God’s heart
15 The Heart – Introduction First post on understanding the heart
14 You Have To Look Up! Beware the trap of everyday life!
13 Living Stones We are God’s building
12 On Joseph in Genesis Did Joseph sow the seed of Israel’s slavery?
11 Why Are You Depressed and Restless, O My Soul? Hope in God!
10 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
9 Abraham Staggered Not At The Promise of God??? God sees the good in His children
8 C. S. Lewis’ Description of a High Mountain Set your minds on things above
7 Adultery and Forgiveness The story of Solomon is incredible!
6 Thor’s-Day and Christmas There is much paganism in our culture
5 Zechariah 14 Is Not Armageddon There are at least two tribulation battles
4 Your Father Who Sees In Secret Will Reward You Openly What three things are we to do in secret to be rewarded openly?
3 Why Infant Sacrifice and Abortion? “Happy Baby Noises” defeat the devil
2 Praying Hezekiah’s Prayer A way to strengthen yourself in the Lord
1 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos

December 2018

31 2018 – Unfulfilled Old Testament Prophecy Much yet to come is written in the Old Testament
The Fear of the Lord is Forever! We will never forget Who redeemed us!
30 Twice? New Heaven and New Earth? Possible reconciliation of Isaiah 65 and Revelation
29 God Hates Pride Choose humility instead of pride
28 Eat the Cherry; Spit Out the Pit One way to deal with wrong information
27 Jesus the Date-Setter Jesus said when end-times would happen
26 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
25 Father, Thank You for Jesus! Eternal life is the greatest gift!
24 Protection From Toxins Etc. God’s protection promises
23 I Identify with Lot I feel sad at all the wickedness
22 C. S. Lewis on Self-Deception Beware deceiving yourself!
21 On End-Times Prophetic Messages Prophetic messages are for today
20 “Psalms” Not In Psalms Test your Bible knowledge
19 ‘Heart’ Not Translated ‘Heart’ Continuing adventures in Bible translations
18 Idiom? “Men’s Hearts Failing Them” A theory about a now ‘bad translation’
17 Why I Read Multiple Bible Translations Example 2 Peter 2:18 has different meanings in different translations
16 Jude and 2 Peter Similar Scriptures
15 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
14 Amos – Yet You Have Not Returned To Me I see warning for America!
13 Psalm 130, The Scriptures A moving translation, IMO
12 Amos – Nations Are Punished for Sin Will America escape punishment?
11 Tables & WordPress Editors My recommendations regarding the new WordPress editor
10 More – Beware Being Wise In Your Own Eyes! Choose humility and eternal life!
9 Fear of the Lord from Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) Quotes from an Apocryphal book
8 PDF – Bible Study Warm-Up Easily print “Scriptures to pray before beginning Bible study.”
7 2 John – Mind-Blowing Definition of Love “This is love, that we walk according to His commandments.”
1 John – Study Preparation Making a poster to understand apparent contradictions in 1 John
6 The Good Side of ‘God Is Not Mocked’ Choose the harvest you want, then sow to reap that harvest!
5 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
4 I Hope You Know a False Teacher If you don’t know any, you may be a victim of their deception!
3 The Fear of the Lord – 3 “Blessed is every one who fears the Lord,
Who walks in His ways.”
2 Psalms – Help Overcoming Sin “Cleanse me from secret faults.”
1 Daniel – Less Than 1% Saved? Many / Few

November 2018

30 Bible Study Warm-Up Scriptures to pray before beginning Bible study
29 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
28 Inheritance Taxes Are Not Biblical Karl Marx liked them, though
27 Psalms 14 & 53 – The Fool Very similar Psalms
Psalms 119 – Affliction Affliction is part of our experience
26 1 Peter – Share in Christ’s Sufferings Rejoice in trials and suffering!
25 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
24 Love Is Sometimes ACTION! More than just a warm, fuzzy feeling
23 The Psalms 119 “Makeover” Details of asking for Wisdom
Job – Are Verses by Flaky People Valid Promises? True statements v statements of truth
22 Oh, Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good! For His mercy endures forever!
21 Hebrews – You Can Turn Away From The Faith Pay attention! Don’t drift away!
20 Hebrews – Watch Out For Each Other We are in this together
Hebrews – Help in Temptation Turn to Jesus!
19 Words! Your words determine your eternity!
18 Hebrews – Three Sacrifices for Today Praise, doing good and sharing
17 On Money Beware the love of money
16 Are You Watching? Jesus is coming!
15 Moses & Jesus Thought About the Reward Where your treasure is, there is your heart!
14 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
13 Animal Attacks A method of judgment
12 Hope For Fools “He saved them out of their distresses.”
11 Ezekiel 18:31 “Make” v “Get” Insight into the salvation process?
10 The Sin of Sodom More than just abominations
9 Fools “It is an abomination to fools to depart from evil.”
8 The ‘I AM’ You are God, gracious and merciful.
7 Spiritual Wickedness We are in a battle!
6 Be a ‘Word Camel’ Store up the Word of God in your heart
5 Hebrews – If Indeed We Hold Firmly Look to Jesus to hold firmly!
4 Hebrews – Written to Backsliders They needed to be taught elementary things all over again
3 timfoster405 – USA HIT with Asteroid – From the Hand of Jesus Judgment coming?
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
2 Psalms 103 – Very Comforting Don’t forget His benefits!
Emergency Message – Pastor Sandy High watch time
1 Yellowstone in Bible Codes Eruption confirmation?

October 2018

31 Pillar in the Temple of My God A promise I don’t fully understand
30 Job – Be Careful Giving Advice Don’t let your words get you in trouble!
Beware Being Wise In Your Own Eyes! “There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.”
29 Turn From Evil By the fear of the Lord one departs from evil.
28 Knowledge Don’t be destroyed for lack of it
27 Be Strong in the Grace Be strong in God’s gift that saves us
26 Promises: Peace and Security God promises peace and security!
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
25 Zedekiah Almost Believed Almost is not good enough
24 KJV – NIV Revelation Different Greek Text? Does the Textus Receptus have extra words?
23 2 Timothy – Quarrels! Work on using positive words
22 1 Timothy – Avoid and Pursue Things to not do and do
21 Job – Statements of Faith In trials, keep your words pure!
20 1 Timothy – Keep a Clear Conscience Very important to keep a clean conscience before God
19 1 Timothy – Once Saved, Always Saved? No, behavior matters
18 Praise for the NIV I’m really liking this translation
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
17 “Is That Not What It Means To Know Me?” Actions matter
16 Kissing Through a Screen Door – Bible Translations Holy frustration to get closer to Jesus
15 Submit Yourselves to Every Ordinance of Man I believe it is impossible that Peter said “We ought to obey God rather than men,” but wrote that other Christians should obey men instead of God!
14 Pocket Camera vs DSLR Dramatic difference!
13 Avoid Evil, God Himself Sanctifies 1 Thessalonians 5:22-24 in several translations, for meditation
12 OSAS Facebook Group! A group believes what I think is dangerous and wrong
11 What Is ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’? A doctrine that has sent many to hell
10 Using BibleGateway dot com A few tips from a longtime nerd
9 Armor of God “Underwear” On getting dressed for success!
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
8 How Long Are The “Last Days”? 1,007 years and ??? days to go!
7 Is God Different in the Old and New Testaments? No, He is the same
6 Look Up! Watch! Do not be caught unaware!
Your Personal Revival Revive your spirit and heart
5 Once Saved, Always Saved? No, OSAS is not Scriptural
Beware Greed – Trust God You cannot serve God and money!
4 Sunrise 2011-10-04: God’s Sense of Humor An unexpected, incredible sunrise
3 Your Choice – Dreams or Nightmares Come True Choose eternal life!
2 What Would You Pray For? The answer surprised me
1 Is the USA a “Christian Nation” Now? No, not with 2000+ abortions per day
One Sunset, Two Cameras Dramatic difference between wide and telephoto photos of a sunset

September 2018

30 Read & Reread (& Reread!) The Really, Really Good News Absorb the last two chapters of the Bible! We Win! Big Time!
Choices, Choices Choose eternal life!
29 Passing Along a Prayer Request Psalms 40 for Judge K. and family
On The Death Of The Righteous “The righteous is taken away from evil.”
28 Do Christians Need To Keep The Sabbath? No, IMHO
27 Obeying Is Better Than Repenting “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.”
26 Galatians – Truth Is To Be Obeyed Believe in Jesus!
25 Waiting… Wait on the Lord Scriptures
24 Don’t Tell Everyone Everything Think before Show & Tell
23 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
22 Affliction Is Good For Us Affliction is part of this life
21 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
20 Cast Your Cares On The Lord Encouraging Scriptures
19 Meditation by Changing Words Think about what a passage is not saying
18 Someday Soon Waiting Will Be Over! Encouragement while we wait
17 The Daniel 4 Miracle Insane king restored!
16 The Fear of the Lord – 2 More Fear of the Lord passages
15 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
14 Psalm 56 – Whenever I Am Afraid A comforting Psalm
13 Jesus Operated in the Fear of the Lord The Son reverently fears the Father.
12 God Is In Control Of My Life God began the good work in me, and He will complete it!
11 Jesus Wrote Parts of the Old Testament for Himself Jesus learned from the Scriptures
10 “Say to the Righteous That it Shall Be Well With Them” Judgment is coming!
Laughing at Dead People Mind-blowing Bible passages
9 Meditation Before Bible Study The Word is Alive!
8 Are You Rich Towards God? Lay up treasures in heaven!
7 The Bag-Lunch Billionaire “Judge not, that you be not judged.”
6 Rest in Jesus – He is Coming Soon! Many of my quoted photos
Yes, I Took This Photo 🙂 Safe behind the glass.
5 Was America Ever ‘Great’? Humm… “Love thy neighbor …”
4 Ephesians 5:5-7 – Once Saved, Always Saved? No. Do not be deceived!
3 A Personal Challenge to Courage Defend the poor and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and needy.”
2 Can a Racist Get Saved? Yes. Mind-renewing happens after.
Encouraging Quoted Photos Some favorite quoted photos
1 The devil Has Real Power, For Now You need the whole armor of God!

August 2018

31 More – Keep Away From Some People Three more separation passages
Byron Searle – I AM AGAINST YOU (USA) Time is up for the USA!
Keep Away From Some People “For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?”
30 Philadelphia’s Open Door – Harpazó? The open door might be the rapture.
29 The devil Rules Earth, For Now But the devil will not rule much longer!
Isaiah 40:28-31 in Several Translations For meditation on strength from God
28 “My Father, Who Art in Heaven” More intimate when praying alone
2012 Smoky Pictures of the Moon and Sun Some favorite “eerie” photos of the sun and moon
27 Job – Why Suffering Allowed – Postscript “… that we should not trust in ourselves but in God …”
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
26 Job – Why Does God Allow Suffering? Well, Jesus suffered …
Video – The World Is Venezuela Financial tough times possible
25 Trouble and Deliverance God’s promises in times of trouble
Job – Sometimes “Acts of God” Aren’t Satan causes much evil.
24 Psalms 37 – Divine Protection God is faithful to protect His own
23 Psalms 37 – The END of the Wicked Righteousness will prevail!
Psalms 37 – Words and the Heart Words tell the heart – good or evil!
Psalms 37 – Think About Your Inheritance A major theme of Psalms 37.
22 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
21 Am I Ready for Hard-Core Ministry? Many categories in which not to offend!
20 Prayer “Stretching Exercises” “Warming up” to pray
19 Death and Life are in The Power of the Tongue Eternally true!
18 The Fear of the Lord Make the choice to Fear the Lord
17 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
16 Are You Ready for What is Coming? Repent, watch and pray to escape!
15 Praying for Children and Grandchildren “The posterity of the righteous will be delivered.”
14 Hezekiah’s Amazing Faith He understood God is more into relationships than rules.
13 YouTubers – Be Careful for Doctrine Teaching is a serious responsibility
12 Father – Make It Stop! Praying for the end of evil
11 A Fish Jumped into the Boat Easiest born-again experience in my life
10 Censorship! Hallelujah! Will the sleeping church wake up?
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
9 Walk the Walk The walk tells
Be First in Forgiveness Always, always, always forgive
8 Unwrinkled, Spotless Bride – When? Now, and when corruption puts on incorruption.
7 In Giving Mercy, God is Glorified One part of the Father’s character
6 Mass Animal Deaths in Minnesota USA?? Too few birds & insects!
5 How Do *YOU* React to Reproof? Stay humble and teachable
4 Are You Prudent? See evil coming and get out of the way!
3 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
2 “O God, If You Get Me Out of This I Promise …” On paying vows
1 More On Suffering Part of maturing us

July 2018

31 In Some Ways, Life is Getting Easier Earth is not my eternal home
30 Do Not Be Afraid – Only Believe Waiting on the Lord
29 Who Are You Imitating? Imitate God!
28 The Failed Intervention of Jesus Family division; Meditation
27 Walk in Forgiveness! We must forgive to be forgiven!
26 Tests, Trials, Temptations – Reminding Myself “You will be rewarded when the time is right, if you don’t give up.”
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
25 First the Lamb, Next The LION! Jesus is coming again to reign!
24 Delegation You may be attempting too much
23 Psalms 46 – Change is Coming! The end of war is coming!
22 Poor People Don’t Need Treasurers Jesus’ ministry had plenty of money
21 Finding Rest for Your Soul Jesus’ yoke is a great fit!
20 Americans, Make Sure You Know Jesus! Judgment coming for abortion
19 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
18 Forget the Past! And Remember the Past! Forget your forgiven failures, and remember God’s faithfulness
17 God Laughs at the Wicked Find the Lord while you can!
16 Info – Praying While Driving, etc. Hear yourself speak the Word
15 Counted Worthy to Escape I am completely trusting Jesus
14 Joy Will Soon Replace Groaning! Sin’s time is coming to an end
If Someone Handed You a Brand-New Bible… … Could you help them get saved?
13 Healing Things That Happened Long Ago Praying Psalms 27:10
12 Beware – I Will, I Will, I Will, I Will! Use your will for good, not evil!
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
11 I Will, I Will, I Will, I Will! Use your will to choose well!
10 How Would I React to Famine? Trust God to provide!
9 They Are Without Excuse God is revealed in His creation
8 Seeking God’s Face Not just praying and fasting
7 Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves Sheep among wolves need to be wise!
6 Have You Ever Copied a Chapter of the Bible? An excellent way to slow down and study
5 Romans 3:26 – New Favorite Bible Verse The Father declares me righteous!
4 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
3 Why Do Some People Still Set Rapture Dates? The rapture is a big deal!
2 Covered With Feathers, I’m Wrath-Proof Divine protection and salvation
1 Colossians – Warnings Avoid falling into error

June 2018

30 Colossians – Praying For Others Wrestle in prayer
29 What Is Your Life’s Summary? Your life, in 40 or fewer words?
28 IMO, Paul Did Not Write Hebrews Not Paul’s writing style, IMO
27 Colossians – Old Man / New Man Another way to meditate
26 My Walking Prayer for Salvation Multitudes in the valley of decision!
25 Colossians – Benefits from God Redemption, forgiveness, etc.
24 Sometimes, Don’t Say Anything Don’t speak against your prayers
23 Thirsty? RSVP ASAP! Drink of the water of life and never thirst again!
22 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
21 Dream: Reaction to Impending Death Acts 2:17
20 Complete Dependence on Him to ESCAPE! Salvation is a GIFT!
19 Bad Idea – (Anything) PRIDE (Period of Time) God hates pride in man
18 How Big is the New Earth? New Jerusalem doesn’t fit well on this earth.
17 Violence – Sign of the End Abortion violently sheds innocent blood!
16 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
15 No Cowards in Heaven “Do not fear, for I am with you.”
14 Flat Earth / Round Earth Reconciled (??) Is Revelation 7:1 literal, figurative, or both?
13 I’m Using My One Year Bible Again “Volume” Bible reading is important
12 Prayer from Philippians 1:6 and 2:13 God is working in me!
11 The Gift of Hate The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil.
10 YouTube Creators & Distracted Driving Don’t record and drive!
9 Deliverance From Bad Habits Verses – Restored Names Bibles Pray using YHWH instead of God and Lord if you wish
8 Sharpen Your Sword! Practice finding scriptures
7 Tell People You Like Being A Christian Complex theology unnecessary
6 Unfriend, Unsubscribe, Block, Walk Away You have to say “No” to some people
5 The $54,000,000 Airplane – So What? It might be God’s plan
4 Scripture for Breaking Bad Habits Ways to apply God’s Word to overcome bad habits
3 God Said – I Say A way to pray using Bible verses
2 Impossible Circumstances? Hardly! With God all things are possible
1 Augmented Instruction on Using Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living A way to pray using Bible verses

May 2018

31 Be Careful What You See and Hear Guard you heart
30 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
29 Hebrews – Watch Out for Each Other Keep encouraging each other
28 Abortion: Judgment Is Coming Reaping follows sowing
27 Hebrews – Earth Is Not Our Home Seek the permanent city
26 Was the Apostle Paul a False Apostle? I don’t know and don’t care
25 Isaiah 24 – You Don’t Want To Be Here! Pray that you be accounted worthy to escape!
24 The RUACH CHOKMAH V’ZAYON – The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation Ephesians 1:15-23
23 Encouragement About 100 of my quoted photos
22 Meditation by Colored Pencils and Highlighters One technique to “mine” the Word of God
21 How to Bear Good Fruit Qualities to add to your faith
20 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
19 All We LIKE SHEEP Have Gone Astray Beware the wrong herd
18 A Brief Look at the Future Make sure you are saved!
17 How to Deceive Yourself Be a doer of the Word
16 What is Eternal Life? Eternal life is knowing God!
15 Hebrews – Be Reward Minded Choose eternal rewards!
14 Do Your Utmost! Hold nothing back!
13 Psalm 139:13-16 in 10 Translations Prep for deeper study
12 More: Disobedience is Unbelief G543 – disobedience, unbelief.
11 On Sloth, Laziness Conquer this deadly sin
10 Proverbs – Sloth, Laziness Verses Laziness verses from Proverbs
9 Hebrews – Salvation Can Be Lost Call on our High Priest
8 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
7 Hebrews – What Jesus Did and Does Jesus did everything for our salvation
6 Are You Thirsty? Drink the water of life freely!
5 I Don’t Highlight My Bibles Fresh revelation every day
4 Which Came First, Chicken or Egg? The chicken came first
3 Take Up Your Walking Stick and Follow Me A more accurate translation of Matthew 16:24?
2 This Life is a Mist That Vanishes This life is short. The next is forever.
 1 300th Post! A milestone

April 2018

30 Movie Script 1 “Sign of the Times” Bible study & meditation method
29 PDF, JPEGs, Pages: KJV “Signs of the Times” Printable “Signs of the Times”
28 KJV Parallel Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 KJV “Signs of the Times” “Harmony of the Gospels”
27 Parallel Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 Posters “Signs of the Times” “Harmony of the Gospels”
26 The Power of Your Words Death and life are in the power of the tongue.
25 Questions for Alan Questions for Alan Horvath’s next livestream.
24 Humility and The Reverence of YHWH On translations
23 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
22 The Eth-CEPHER iPhone/iPad App Restored-Names of God app
21 Tell Me When I Am Wrong! Let’s watch out for each other
20 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
The USA in Ezekiel 38!?!?! America’s destruction?
19 Does Jesus Know YOU? Make sure He does!
18 Time Is Running Out! Seek the Lord while you can!
17 Affliction – The Big Picture It is for our good
16 Thoughts on Eternal Life by C. S. Lewis The best is always yet to come if you know Jesus!
15 Obedience Brings Understanding How to grow in the Lord
14 I Am a Marked Man Time is running out!
13 Choose Life! Your eternal home is your choice. Choose Life!
12 Rex the Dog Waiting and watching
11 Nuclear War May Start Soon. How Do You Feel? Seek the Prince of Peace
10 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
9 Watch Daily Light for your path
8 Report: HalleluYah Scriptures An excellent translation, that could be significantly improved.
7 You Don’t Want to Be Here! Believe in Jesus to escape!
6 The ‘Gift of Correction’ ??? Should we publicly criticize brothers and sisters in the Lord?
5 An Altar Call is an Alter Call We must change!
4 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
Grace and Good Works by Rohit Mehta “Every one of us should fit into the place where He has set us in this great epic of redemption.”
3 Titus – Saved By Grace For Good Works Similar to Ephesians 2:8-10
Behold, I Come Quickly Are you ready to meet Jesus?
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
2 This ONE THING I Do Forget the past and press on!
1 He Was Raised For Our Justification Just As If I’d Never Sinned!

March 2018

31 Only What Is Done **FOR** Christ Will Last??? Be sure to work WITH Christ, not FOR Christ
30 “It Is Finished.” The separation between God and man was gone
29 The Truth Your choice: Eternal life or eternal death
28 The Battle in the Mind Thoughts are critical
27 Is a Clean Conscience Earned, or a Gift? Preparing to meet Jesus
26 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
25 Last Days Self-Test Behaviors to check
24 Give Martha a Break! Martha was spiritual too!
23 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
22 My Helmet of Salvation What I believe
21 Jesus And The Holy Spirit Are Praying For You Very effective prayers!
20 The Dead in Christ Shall Rise First What will it be like to see this?
19 How to Miss the Rapture Stop watching
‘Extreme Light’ Photos Special photos bc of the light
18 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
17 As It Was in the Days of Noah Do you have understanding or are you a scoffer?
16 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
15 Pray to Escape! God really loves you!
14 Grandma and the 23rd Psalm A happy memory
13 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
12 Praying in Unity Across Time and Distance Suggestions for praying together, apart
11 The O.S.A.S. Redacted Bible Once Saved, Always Saved???
10 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
9 Lazarus and the Rapture? A foreshadowing of the rapture?
8 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
Johnny Cash Hate Speech IMO YouTube is censoring the Bible
7 Psalm 107 – Deliverance God delivers from trouble
6 Your Redemption Draweth Nigh – Are You Ready? Jesus is coming very soon! Be ready!
5 All Quoted Photos, Organized Consistent file names
More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
4 Matthew 24 KJV Shalls God is firmly in charge!
3 Saved Not OF Works, but FOR Good Works Good works, good fruit, and obedience
2 What is the Opposite of Belief? Disobedience, not just unbelief
1 Ken Peters’ Vision of the Tribulation Earth’s worst time

February 2018

28 Still More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
27 February 27, 2012 Photos A cold but beautiful day for photos
26 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
25 John G. Lake and Germs Divine health and healing
24 Warning to “Once Saved, Always Saved” Teachers We are not saved by works, but we should have good works
23 On Censorship Truth being suppressed
22 The John 4 Murder Mystery The Word opens itself
21 Psalm 23 KJV Photos 23rd Psalm on a nice photo series
20 Examine Yourselves! Inspect your life
19 PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens Prayer is powerful and effective
18 More Quoted Photos More Bible quote photos
17 The Zephaniah Reset Wrath is coming
16 How to Make God Happy Accept the gift of eternal life!
15 Night is Coming! Work while you can!
14 Praying in the Shower Making good use of time
Happy Valentine’s Day! More Bible quote photos
13 Pre-DSLR Quotes, 8.5 x 11 More 8.5×11 Bible quote photos
12 Many Does Not Mean All! Eternal life or death is your choice
11 Happy Accident? Or Bad Photography? Slow shutter and low light made the originals look like Photoshopped
10 8.5 x 11 Quotes Three More 8.5×11 Bible quote photos
9 Ask For Help Have prayer partners
8 Get Right With God Now! Get saved while you can!
8.5 x 11 Quotes Too More 8.5×11 Bible quote photos
7 Has God Clothed You? God has clothes for you!
6 Help Make Heaven Smell Good! Our prayers are incense
5 On Angels Ministering spirits for the saved
4 Superbolt Lightning? Bright, huge lightning!
8.5 x 11 Quotes Bible quotes for 8.5″x11″ printing
Quotes on Photos 4 Bible quotes on photos
3 Quotes on Photos 3 Bible quotes on photos
2 Meditation — Thought of the Day Write throughout the day
1 Music and Meditation Sing in your heart to the Lord

January 2018

31 Watch! Super-Blue-Blood Moon! Time is running out!
30 My ‘Bold as a Lion’ Story Still a great memory!
29 Quotes on Photos 2 More Bible quotes on photos
No Other Name Than Jesus’ Name Jesus is the only savior
28 Be Rich Toward God Real gold v fools’ gold
27 2nd Harvest Coming — Are You Ready? You don’t want to miss the rapture!
26 If You Can Worry, You Can Meditate “To mutter”
25 God’s Protection Favorite protection verses
24 2015 Family Reunion Family reunion photos
23 Something is Working The hope that purifies
22 A Sense of Wonder Be humble like a little child
21 Revelation 1 – 3 Poster Poster to study Revelation letters
20 Quotes on Photos Bible quotes on some photos
14 You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows! Do not fear, you are valuable to God!
13 Soma Confirmation Photos, Mt Vernon SD Family pictures
Darwin Soma Funeral Photos Photos from a cousin’s funeral
12 How Old is the Universe? Is the speed of light constant?
10 Which Calendar Does God Use? Man changed the calendar. God didn’t change His.
9 I Know Thy Works Good works are vital
Orange-Peel Pipe Cap My favorite class in welding school
8 Isaiah 66 <> Revelation Each chapter of Isaiah is related to a book in the Bible
Steve Quayle 1994 Fire & Ice Prophecy Prophecy of USA west coast fires and east coast bitter weather
4 Is It Ok for Christians to Lie? Tell the truth to evil people who want to do evil?

November – December 2017

Dec 26 1914 — The Beginning of Sorrows (?) Was WWI the beginning of the end times?
Nov 16 Jerde/Larson Family Pics Straightened photos of family photos

October 2017

5 This Generation Will Not Pass Away Events will unfold
1 Is the Grape Harvest a Rapture? Revelation 14 rapture?
“It is Finished” Hades: Paradise and Hell

September 2017

30 God Doesn’t Care That I Look Foolish Progress not perfection
28 Frost and Fog Photos Sharing some beauty
27 Joy and Sadness, Excitement and Grief, Laughter and Tears End-times emotions
26 “Grace” — A Comforting Video Heavenly Sign 2017 does it again!
Please Come and Get My Spare Keys Witnessing idea
25 Wise Men ARE Date Setters I stand on what I know
Scoffer Thank You Card Throne of grace or judgment?
24 CERN – “2017, The Joke’s On Them” Light does not come from darkness
23 The Missed Date Means Nothing to Me I believe in God, not my understanding
Untitled “To succeed, try.”
22 13,000 Views, 100’s of Friend Requests How can I filter friend requests?
If the Foundations are Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do? Righteousness will prevail!
21 Rewards in Heaven Even a cup of water is noticed!
I’m Starting to Laugh! I Just Can’t Help It! I want to see You!
20 I May Soon Stop Posting The rapture is possible soon!
Handwritten Note Witnessing Technique I did what I could do. More boldness, Lord!
“The Sign” and Left Behind Resources For now and post-rapture
Happy Birthday, Stephan! Love you, bro!
19 Left Behind? You Can Be Saved! Difficult but worth it!
18 3-Hour Eclipse on September 23, 2017? Repeat of Matthew 27:45?
17 150 Posts, 10,000 Views Two milestones
16 Update: Prayer for the Unsaved and Backsliders Simpler version has PDFs
Einstein and the Rapture Imagination –> truth
Sign Up! My Classes Start Soon! Set your mind on things above
Get Excited — For Such a Time as This Let’s finish strong!
15 It’s Joy-Day, Not Doomsday! Great joy! Blameless! He is able!
Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams Freedom from past mistakes
Scripture Keys For Kingdom Living A great reference
14 I Believe Escape worthy!
Having Fun with Spam and Porn Friend Requests Message them links to blog posts and ask for comments
How to Treat Those Who Set Dates That Were Missed I don’t believe that misunderstanding is false prophecy
13 Am I Worthy to Escape? Yes, bc I am trusting Him
Never Too Many Pixels High resolution cameras allow good sub-photos
12 End-Times Families Expect division
11 Restrooms in Heaven? Set your mind on things above
Outwardly Unproductive Witnessing Episode The world hated Jesus, so it hates His followers
10 More: Be Reward Minded Just receive with thanks
“And Abraham Was Consumed by Lightning” Be God’s friend
Even If There Was No Eternal Life Life with God inside is better
Caution — They Are Just *Signs* Don’t sweat missed dates
9 Thank You Cards for the Wicked Different bait for different fish
WOW! The Inner-Witness is All Communication with God is Spirit to spirit
8 I Didn’t Want to Know I Was This Strong Encouraging myself in the Lord
September 9, 2017? I’m watching
More: Oh, Really? Only the Father Knows the Day and the Hour? I find no scripture why we can’t, or shouldn’t look
More: Pre, Post and Mid-Trib Raptures? Many details on Israel’s harvests
Complete in Him! An encouraging video
7 For Another Friend God is love!
6 The Book of Remembrance Distinction between those who love the Lord and those who don’t
What is Written About You in Heaven? Believers’ sin records have been erased
5 We Cannot Fear Dying For Our Faith Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
4 Prayer for the Unsaved and Backsliders The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective
A Wicked Generation Looks for Signs? Wise men and women seek Him
3 New Bible — New, Lush Pasture Sometimes change is very good
You WILL Be Rewarded by God! Choose life!
What Makes a Fight a ‘Good Fight’? Winning makes a fight good
2 Prayer Bombs Prayers WILL affect the earth
Christians! — I Stand at the Door and Knock! Saved or unsaved, open the door when He knocks
Write Faster, More Informative Bible References Superscript is faster, brackets mean “last”
Giants — The Breakfast of Champions! Focus on the promises, not the circumstances
1 Wallpaper in My Heavenly Mansion The Word on my walls

August 2017

31 See, See, SEE! (That You Not Be Troubled!) We are living in God’s “Plan A”
For a Friend Comfort in sorrow
30 Homesick I’m not of this world
15 Be an Overcomer! The alternative is awful
14 How to Fellowship? Don’t forsake meeting together
13 Oh, Really? Only the Father Knows the Day and the Hour? I think Jesus now knows when He is coming
12 End-Days Martha and Mary Priorities!
11 The Hope That Purifies Expecting to see God is helping me prioritize
10 Reversing Bad Financial Decisions God can restore
9 HalleluYah Scriptures – 2 Thess 2:3 “Falling away,” not “the departure.”
8 Prayer for Sexual Purity Prayer against a common failure mode
7 Fool Self-Test Checking myself
6 Be Reward Minded Serve the Lord with gladness
5 Disobedient Children Very, very serious
4 Why Do Prayer Answers Take So Long Sometimes? Spiritual warfare
Your Word is a Lamp and a Light Step-by-step and overall direction
3 How to Pray While Driving, Walking, Etc. Record with a memory jog at the start of each confession
Christian Streakers Put on the WHOLE armor of God
2 Suffering is Mandatory Share Christ’s suffering to share His glory
1 Watch! Stay awake so the day does not take you like a thief
July 2017 Stats Site statistics

July 2017

31 Righteous Lot I’m glad he is in the Bible
30 Even the Disciples Had Doubts You and I are not the first to have doubts
The HalleluYah Scriptures I want to read how they translate 2 Thess 2:3
29 Leaping Like Calves From the Stall The picture of complete happiness
28 Pre, Post and Mid-Trib Raptures? Bible-times grain harvest?
27 Isaiah 55 The first whole chapter that spoke to me
26 Are You a Scoffer? Investigate the signs of the times for yourself
Punctuation No child-abusing God
25 Maturity Meter Nothing shall offend them
24 The Cattle of His Pasture People are compared to sheep, not cattle. It’s not a compliment.
23 Make Bible Ribbon Placemarks Keep track of several places in the Bible
22 Hell Outlasts Earth Interesting to know
21 On the Death of a Dream Choosing to focus on the important
20 Discouragement is a Choice Online Bible study example
19 The Best Part About Romans 8:1 It comes after Romans 7
18 Matthew — Old Testament Images to help Bible study
17 Two Things I Wish I Had Learned In School These may have made a big difference in my life!
Is Christian Satire Ok? Cleaning up my writing
16 Why Not Return to 1943-Style Health Care? Let’s try less bureaucracy
My Revelation 12 Sign Etc Sources Links to resources
15 The Seven Jewish Feasts I bet God goes seven-for-seven!
Which Version of the Bible Should I Use? Use the one you will read, and depend on the Holy Spirit for understanding
Software Bugs and Feature Requests Scratchpad for bugs & features
Why I Believe These Are the End Times The Bible verses that spoke to me
14 No Wonder They Don’t Teach the Declaration of Independence in School Anymore! God help us!
Be Sure – Your Sin Will Find You Out! Nobody ever gets away with anything
 13 Uncommon Core Laura Ingalls Wilder, teacher in the 1880’s
Throne of Grace, or Throne of Judgment? Choose life, the throne of grace!
How to Know God’s Will – Lite On being led by God, short version
12 Weeding Out Good Welders The online job application process
Some People Need an Addiction Learn where you fit in the universe
11 On Taking Tests on Computers Computer tests suck
10 How to Weed Out the Best Job Candidates The online job application process
Big Bang’s “Dr. Jenkins” A multi-episode extra
Big Bang Banged The decision’s action
9 Bang! — The Big Bang Theory Pursue scantificaltion
8 You Always Have Time For What You Do First Work by priority
Yawn. Boring. Sowing/Reaping. Action/Reaction. Goes-Around/Comes-Around. Karma. Too, Too Predictable! America will puke
7 The Friendship Pyramid Cannot be friendship without time together
The Big Five-Oh! Thoughts on my 50th blog post
Christians! Start Your Blogs! The power of writing for meditation
The Chronicles of Narnia Good books, good author
The Shepherd of the Hills Good book, good author
6 Dear Internet Pastor / Teacher Communication problems
Disputes Over Nothing Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
Shake The Dust Off Your Feet! Most will not accept the Gospel
5 How I Got Saved! My salvation story
God’s Refrigerator Heaven’s record of us
Bible Reading & Bible Study I need to do both
4 The One Problem In The World Not expecting Judgment Day
On Trump’s Tweets Mind my own business
3 On ‘Snowflakes’ Shame on Older Americans!
Rebellion, Witchcraft, & Idolatry Beware, Bad Leaders!
Abortion’s Tough Mental Nut Why the choice of good v evil?
2 When Did Jesus Say To Weep? Abortion, End Times
1 Happy Conception Day! Abortion
June 2017 Stats Site Statistics

June 2017

30 Are Nicotine Patches Scriptural? It Depends on Your Motivation
29 God’s Hammer Pray Until You Succeed!
Holy-Wouldnot Bad Leaders Get Worse Damnation
Concerns About Heaven Setting My Mind on Things Above
28 Romans 13:1-5 Obey God, Not Men
27 What Does Greater Mean? Greater Works Than Jesus
26 Do I Need To Tithe? Hint: Where Do Thieves End Up?
Learning To See Beauty A Story of Photography
Prefer Fast-Focus Lenses Photography only post
25 The Second Book of Opinions Funny, IMO
24 Praying For America Take the Gloves Off
23 The Wright Brothers Were Dirtbags Morals & Ethics
Is Judgment Day a Wild Party?!?!? It Just Might Be!
22 Be Yourself! Your unique heavenly name
21 To My Children I Served God, Not Money
20 The Parable of the Horses Why God Made Mankind
The Three Golden Rules One Will Not Survive
19 When You Buy Toilet Paper … Just Visiting Earth
The Privilege of Persecution Don’t be shocked if the world hates you
Square One The fear of the Lord is where it all starts
Lemming Theology How love for God grows cold
18 I Don’t Watch CNN Be careful what you see and hear
Adolescence v Maturity Take your place in the body
17 Samson 2.0 Ending well
George Washington Carver A great Christian life
Bible Idioms Understand “No one knows the day or hour”
I Could Stand Going To Hell It Is Temporary
16 The Army, Hell, Suicide, & Making America Great Again Unwelcome Post in the Land of the Book of Faces
15 A Cool Way to Meditate on the Word of God The power of writing
14 How To Witness Share truth
Praying For Revival Things will happen
How To Use More Of Your Brain Writing helps thinking