God’s Hammer

I had a couple jobs where I had to make some big rocks into little rocks. No, incarceration was not involved. 😉 My experiences swinging a sledge hammer gave me valuable insight into this key verse of scripture.

“Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?”
Jeremiah‬ ‭23:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬


The first swing of the sledge hammer against a large, hard rock, seems to do nothing. The rock voices its annoyance with a bell-like Ping! as the hammer head bounces back in the air, indicating the rock has indeed rejected perhaps all the force of the blow.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Nothing seems to be happening.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Absolutely nothing seems to be happening. The rock seems aloof, disinterested, impervious. “Go ahead. Make my day!” it seems to say.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Nothing. Why am I doing this?

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Though there are no indications that anything at all is happening to the big rock, microscopic fractures are beginning to form and join in the rock. In college I was to learn there is a formal name for this process, Fatigue. I cannot easily improve on the Wikipedia description of Fatigue.

Fatigue occurs when a material is subjected to repeated loading and unloading. If the loads are above a certain threshold, microscopic cracks will begin to form at the stress concentrators such as the surface, persistent slip bands (PSBs), interfaces of constituents in the case of composites, and grain interfaces in the case of metals. Eventually a crack will reach a critical size, the crack will propagate suddenly, and the structure will fracture. The shape of the structure will significantly affect the fatigue life; square holes or sharp corners will lead to elevated local stresses where fatigue cracks can initiate. Round holes and smooth transitions or fillets will therefore increase the fatigue strength of the structure.

Metal fatigue can cause airplanes to fall out of the sky. This one safely landed, somehow.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

The rock seems bored, like it could do this all day. But inside, the tiny fractures are joining into larger microscopic fractures.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Outwardly nothing has changed. But in its soul if it has one, the rock is beginning to sense it is doomed.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Finally, the rock gives some indication it has met its match. Its bell-like sound decreases in pitch just a little bit.

Wham! Ping?

It may take a few more blows, with the rock responding each time with an increasingly anemic ring.

Wham! ping? …Wham! ping?? …Wham! ping??? …

Then finally!


I have never had the hammer head rebound from that last blow. The rock did meet its better!

Use God’s Word the same way. Pray a specific scripture or scriptures against a particular circumstance or need. If you need healing, bang away in prayer with, By Jesus’ stripes I am healed! I am healed! If your need is financial, pray with The Lord is my shepherd, I have no wants, and, My God has supplied all my needs according to his riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. Make the prayers personal. Fit me and my house in the verses if you’re praying for your family.

Use the Word of God like a sledge hammer on each area of your life you want improved. At first, it may seem like nothing is happening.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Keep at it, though nothing seems to be changing.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

While praying, keep listening for the still, quiet voice. Adjust the scriptures you are praying per His instructions.

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Keep at it! God’s Word always succeeds!

Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … Wham! Ping! … 

Then off on the distant horizon, the tiniest itty-bitty cloud appears.

Wham! Ping?

The torrential downpour is on its way!

Wham! ping? …Wham! ping?? …Wham! ping??? …

Then finally! Victory!


The solution manifests itself! The issue is vaporized! Glory to God!

I am making my way out of a time of being in a desert, where nothing seemed to be working. I made bad decisions, and followed them up with even worse decisions. In my discouragement I only occasionally swung the hammer of God’s Word. But I did swing it enough that I encouraged myself in the Lord. I’m picking up the pace, swinging harder and longer. I’m seeing itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny clouds on the horizon. The downpour that means the end of drought is on its way! Where are my umbrella and hip waders?  🙂 🙂 🙂

Are you following God's plan for your life? 
   You should.
      Your plan sucks.
      It really, really sucks.
      Suckage Maximus.

Most people are WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Jesus is coming.
   Are you ready to meet Him?
   Give your life to Jesus Christ.
   Time is running out.

14 thoughts on “God’s Hammer”

  1. If I could only explain how much this was God speaking directly to me it’s amazing God is amazing when he wants his children to k ow something he knows how to get it across to them ……..

    The lord told me to pray his word for my backslidden family member’s. About 7 months ago I’ve been crying to God asking what do I need to to for them to be saved,delivered, and that’s is what he told me to pray his word over them and so I studied and found scriptures that apply to my situation and personalized them I’ve been praying these scriptures every day for 7 months and lately I’ve felt discouraged because I’m not seeing anything change infact some things have gotten worse and I asked God in pray lord I know your word goes forth and doesn’t come back void so why isn’t anything changing so for the past few days I haven’t been praying and tonight I was getting ready for bed it’s like 3:30 on the morning and I picked up my phone to check something and I don’t know how this was on my screen I never searched it no one had my phone it was just there and I know with out a doubt God causes me to see this and I’m so grateful that he uses people to help us glory to God thank you Jesus

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